This wasp is usually seen chewing on leaves or searching for something.

Black Ichneumon with Red Abdomen

A Parasitic wasp that is constantly on the hunt for it's next victim.

Tarantula Hawk

The only bug to scare the living crap out of me. This wasp reportedly has the 2nd most painful sting of any insect; oh and it hunts tarantulas.

This little gal is a sucker for yellow flowers, clovers and more!

Male Chuna on Mora plant Chuna

Rarely seen during the day, this large beetle is a nocturnal bugger. They are not aggressive creatures and will attempt to fly away when disturbed.

Dung Beetle

Snout Beetle

Rusty-tipped page or brown siproeta

Since I am an amateur, I thought it'd be easier to group the caterpillers together until they are identified and that I have a photo of the moth/butterfly as well.

This pretty butterfly visited my garden briefly before promptly being hunted and eaten by my cat.

A decent sized moth that flys during the daytime.

A fiery fellow that is distrbuited from northeastern United States all the way south to Patagonia.

Chrysocale splendens

This moth is an iridescent blue creature that flys during the daytime. It is rather difficult to get a nice shot with my cameras.

Camouflage Dragonfly

This guy was a rather large specimen

Hoverfly 3

A common fly, this fellow is an important predator of Aphids.

Hoverfly 2

Another common hoverfly or flower fly that can be observed in one's garden

Bee Mimic Hoverfly

This large hoverfly is easily mistaken for a bee. They love yellow flowers and can congregate in groups between 10 and 15 on a single plant.

Hoverfly 1

A slightly larger hoverfly, this specimen is less common than the smaller species observed.

Picture of a Picture-Winged fly Picture-Winged Fly

This fly belongs to a large cosmopolitan family of flies, it is distinguished by the picturesque bands on the wings.


This aquatic

These slippery slugs like wet conditions.

This creepy looking dude come out at night. I usually see them near the rivers. They are a type of bug known as Walking Sticks.

Cobweb Spider

Spiny Orbweaver

Spiny Orbweaver 1


Green Crab Spider

This solitary spider climbs plants for a better vantage point over it's prey.

Marbled Orbweaver

Crab Spider

This spider sneaks around the garden hunting his or her prey.

Silver Teardrop Spider

This little guy often will invade the spiderwebs of other spiders and prey upon the insects trapped in the web.

Bold Jumping Spider


A common orbweaver that inhabits gardens and open spaces in Cuenca.

Triangulate Cobweb Spider

Orchard Orbweaver

Jumping Spider

This large family of spiders hunts its prey by stalking. They have excellent vision and can leap large distances.

Black Bean Aphid

A small insect that can be found on the underside of the host plant

Plant Hopper

I haven't seem this guy aggregate in large clusters, but they can be spotted in groups of 3-5.


Decent size bugger that can fly.


A common bug that will sometime infest my peach tree.